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Seis Technologies Extends Contract with NDSA; Donations to Public Works

Seis Technologies CEO Dr. James Seis recently signed a “general-contract” extension deal with the NDSA. This extension agreement will extend the life of contracts held with the NDSA for 5 years. Contracts included are: Computer contracts, Weapons contracts, System Security contracts, and Defense system contracts.

Dr. James Seis also pushed through company sponsored donations of a combined 300 million dollars towards the rebuilding of Newbury-Cross Hospital (which recently sustained heavy fire damage as result of a violent superhuman attack) as well as the funding of 15 homeless shelters and 35 soup kitchens, located throughout Trimountaine. When asked about these choices, Dr. Seis had this to say:

“It is imperative that people have access to medical treatment. A nearby facility working at full capacity can be the difference between life and death for hundreds. Many might think that Seis Technologies has no reason to rebuild a hospital or that we’d do it in order to make money off the sale of medical supplies. And those people have reasons to feel the way they do. But I didn’t found this company for profit. I founded it to help. And the sooner Newbury-Cross Hospital is back working at full capacity, the sooner people in need can be taken to a facility closer to them and patients that had been there previously can be returned there, taking the extra workload off of other medical facilities. That’s our reason to rebuild this hospital. And more or less, that’s why we’ve begun to fund these fifty shelters and food providers. If people want to get back on their feet, to stay healthy, to do the things they might want to do, they need to have the choice of a warm bed and a full belly. They need sleep, safety, and nutritional satisfaction. We can’t force people to use these places, but we need to make sure places like these are available. Trimountaine might be the world’s youngest city, but we can still be troubled by the world’s oldest problems. And here as Seis Technologies, we’re trying to solve those old problems while also solving tomorrow’s problems.”