Today's Tomorrow


Seis Technologies Incorporated is a large, international company headquartered in Trimountaine City, Massachusetts. The company was founded in 1994 by its’ current CEO Dr. James Seis. Dr. Seis founded the company on the idea that a company did not have to exist to make profit. He saw a flaw with charities in that they operated, more or less, on donations. This not only made them vulnerable to financial trouble, but also limited the amount and scope of the help a charity could provide.  He believed that a company could be made to function as a charity and provide service to the world at large. And for the past twenty years, Seis Technologies has been doing just that. Seis Technologies has a broad spectrum of products with an even broader spectrum of markets these products go to. From advanced weaponry, to advanced defense equipment, computer system, security systems, toys, gadgets, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, Seis Technologies is a recognized innovator in ground breaker and future-making technological and scientific wonders. This level of diversification has made Seis Technologies a company well within the means to not only continue operation at escalating levels, but to give away large amounts of money towards helping and bettering others. With an annual revenue of 350 billion dollars, over 100 billion goes towards projects and donations that help the people who need it. When you buy from Seis Technologies, you’re helping us Fund The Future.


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