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Breaking News Update: Conservationists Massacre National Guard Park During City’s Birthday Ceremony

“All land assets owned by Seis Technologies that have a flagpole and flags on site should lower all flags to half mast as to comply with Temporary Executive Policy TEP-1213-NT. This policy, as you can imagine, has been passed in response to the recent, horrific massacre of the ceremony at National Guard Park at the hands of the known superhuman terrorist group The Conservationists.”

-Internal Office Memo

Undoubtedly, most of the world has already heard of the tragedy that has befallen Trimountaine and, in the united nature of humans, that has befallen the world. Earlier today, the Conservationists attacked National Guard Park during the celebration of Trimountaine’s official birthday. Though this attack was directed at one of the delusional group’s targets who they claim would cause a future dystopia to form, many were caught in the crossfire. Superhumans, NDSA agents, civilians, politicians. Perhaps saddest of all was the death of late Mayor Lucille Reyes. She barely had time to shape Trimountaine into the beautiful, bustling city it is destined to be, though there is no doubt here death will shape the city for years to come. Our hearts and prayers go out to those affected by the massacre, to the people of the city, and of course, the people of the world. I will be holding a “Public-Press Release” outside the entrance to the Seis Tech building in The Bastion tomorrow at 2 PM. If the weather is unpermitting, the Public-Press Release will still happen at the same time, just inside the lobby. As usual, Seis Security forces will be present to oversee the event, and both citizens and press are free to ask questions afterwards.

In Honor of the Slain,

~CEO Dr. James Seis


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